Flexible installation options

Each Cagen generating unit is ideally suited to its destination – to the spatial and atmospheric conditions, as well as to existing infrastructure. Thanks to their modular design, Cagen’s generating sets are well protected against the weather and at the same time occupy little space.

Installation within a facility

By placing the installation in a facility specified by the client, in premises prepared in advance, the investor’s internal energy infrastructure can be established. Thanks to the modular design of the Cagen generating sets, we can prepare a complete generating complex in the investor’s premises, supplying energy to the client and making it independent of the client’s external energy source, or providing an alternative for times of blackout.

Basic features of the installation carried out in a facility:

Adaptation of the power generating house to the investor’s infrastructure
The modular design of our generators allows it to be fitted perfectly into the space and room indicated by the Client.
Well-consulted and designed plan
We support our clients in the process of establishing power generating houses, providing extensive consultation and customised design.
Installation and service of power generators
We provide a comprehensive service by installing the equipment on site, complying with all standards and regulations, followed by professional service during use.

FPS container units

The previously mentioned modular design of the generating sets allows for out-of-the-box solutions, such as integrating the set into an FPS-type container. We can supply the entire generating set in a container, together with the switchgear (and so also the control and monitoring systems), all necessary connections and supply systems (including ventilation, grease supply and heat recovery).

Cagen power generator containers are characterised by their flexibility in providing reliable power wherever it is needed – from construction sites through to individual factories and entire communities. The container installation makes it possible to place a genset at any location of the project, as well as to create entire complexes of containers that fulfil specific tasks or increase the energy efficiency of our energy infrastructure.

Examples of provided FPS container units

The containers allow the generating units to be set up in the field and, if necessary, transported to
any location indicated by the investor.
The intelligently designed modular systems fit into containers whose small size even fits into unusual locations, such as the roof of a building.
The Cagen generating set installed in the container is a complete unit from an electrical and sanitary point of view and guarantees reliable operation.

Atmospheric containerinstallation

The atmospheric containerised generating unit is built in virtually the same way as classic container units, but can be used even in extremely harsh weather conditions. Thanks to its non-standard design and additional safeguards, it maintains the full tightness and lower acoustic performance of the units.

Basic features of the atmospheric installation:

Resistance to weather conditions
The design of the Cagen atmospheric containers is reliable, airtight and protects the generator modules from the effects of adverse weather conditions, such as persistent humidity or large temperature changes.
Sound-proof design
Owing to its well-designed structure and advanced anti-vibration system, the atmospheric installation of Cagen's containers effectively and significantly reduces the acoustic performance of the entire generating set.
Comprehensive operation
The Cagen generating set installed in the container is a complete unit from an electrical and sanitary point of view and guarantees reliable operation.

Offer of Cagen generating sets:

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