Efficiently, safely and with a green future in mind.


We respond to the energy needs of various industries and public utility institutions

Our solutions guarantee independence from the power mains both during permanent use and for times of power cuts.
Your company, factory, institution or service premises – are safe with us!

Fields of
Institutions, public
utility facilities

Cagen generation sets are based on many years of experience and global technologies

Modular design allows us to create generating sets tailored to the precise needs of the Client


Power needed immediately?

We ensure energy safety for your projects.

Power cuts are no longer a problem! You don’t have to fear mains failure and loss of valuable data – our devices are independent of mains electricity and ensure smooth operation without downtimes.


Gas power generating sets for the future

Biogas, natural gas, or perhaps hydrogen? It’s your choice!

Step up to the challenges of modern energy – be independent and choose the fuel you want to run on, based on price and availability. One engine – many options!


We reduce the emission from diesel and gas power generators

Focus on innovations of the future

Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable, as well as affordable and sustainable solutions with the least possible impact on the environment. We join forces with the best so that the emission from diesel and gas engines is lower year by year.


Sustainable alternative for the environment


Power derived from waste

Biogas, landfill gas, etc.

Did you know that what is considered waste can be effectively converted into electricity? Methane-, carbon dioxide- and nitrogen-rich gases – such as landfill gas or biogas – are economical fuels that can be used like a power source. With our devices, you can soon gain energy independence from the grid.


Combined cooling, heat and power systems

Power, heat and cold - in a single process!

Use excess periodical heat… for cooling! Combining a CHP plant with an absorption chiller in a single unit means quieter operation, lower operational costs, greater efficiency and lower emissions of e.g. nitrogen oxides compared with conventional refrigeration technology.


Zero emissions

Solutions following the change in ecological policy.

Sustainable energy solutions, such as hydrogen (H2), are the future of power supply. Not only is it an incredibly efficient fuel that not only contains no CO2, but has its storage properties. Hydrogen power is an important step towards zero-emissions.


Modern digital control systems

Increase your efficiency owing to algorithms

Power, efficiency and other parameters of the equipment supply are supervised by easy-to-use and compact digital control systems. In this way, the operation of your generators and engines is always under control – wherever you are.


Guarantee of professional support

Design, assembly, tests, service

We provide full technical support throughout the life cycle of Cagen products. We provide advice on the monitoring and maintenance of power systems so that they remain operational and reliable at all times. Service is our greatest power!


For 14 years, we have supplied you with reliable energy

Not only do we offer modern equipment, but also professional consultations and advice

We are Cagen. We integrate renewable energy sources and manage the energy needs of our clients. Day by day, energy independence is achieved by more and more satisfied clients. Join them and make your project energy independent today.