Modular design

The bases of each Cagen generator installation are standardised power modules, designed to meet the requirements of different applications. The generating unit includes, among other things, the power generators, switchgears – including the control and monitoring system – together with the necessary connections and supply systems (such as ventilation, lubricant supply and heat recovery), as well as anything else that our Client needs.

Features of the Cagen modular design of generating sets

Our power supply systems can be easily adapted to specific needs of a given work area or non-standard position.
We rely on proven technology with thousands of successful installations all over the world.
Plug and play
We offer an innovative turnkey design and a highly flexible plug-and-play solution, reducing the time and cost of setting up the final installation.
Full range
We have a complete range of gas engine components and accessories for gas generators, from which we can create a perfectly tailored power system to suit your needs.
Top quality
Our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Each one of them is tested at the production stage for operation as part of a larger, integrated system, which guarantees their competitive reliability and performance.

Types of design

Depending on the site, the type of generating set and the client’s facility capabilities, we use different types of installation.

Cogeneration? Trigeneration!

Do you want to reduce the amount and cost of primary energy needed to generate thermal energy, electricity and consumable cold? Opt for trigeneration, i.e. the combined production of each of these types of energy in a single process! Cagen’s trigeneration solutions are based on a CHP module and an absorption unit that produces cooling – for example for air conditioning or production processes.

Do you need a customised offer?
We are at your disposal

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