Where to get the fuel for our power generators?

We are committed to following trends and keeping abreast of modern developments in ecology and economy. This is why our generating units use conventional fuels such as diesel and natural gas, but also biogas, i.e. the residue from the processing of biogenic products, and hydrogen.

Landfill gas
Gas from sewage treatment plants
Gas from mine de-methanation
Methane from sewage treatment plants
Diesel oil

Cogeneration? Trigeneration!

Do you want to reduce the amount and cost of primary energy needed to generate thermal energy, electricity and consumable cold? Opt for trigeneration, i.e. the combined production of each of these types of energy in a single process! Cagen’s trigeneration solutions are based on a CHP module and an absorption unit that produces cooling – for example for air conditioning or production processes.

Emergency power supply

Energy security is the certainty of operation without downtime also in emergency situations or during the development of a project. We offer fast-acting and reliable energy sources that are able to effectively fill the energy gap and operate without disruption.

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